Using EesyCampaigns Without EesyMessages and Help Articles

By Danny Monaghan

EesySoft Campaigns are not only the best way to communicate with your users within your LMS, but they can also be used solely for tracking specific aspects of EdTech adoption at your institution! But how exactly do they work without the messaging or help items, and why are they useful for your institution?

Consider the immense changes that institutions have undergone recently due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Teaching and learning have rapidly been moved online, presenting challenges for everyone involved. We have been helping our customers support their LMS users by providing ready-to-use messages and support materials. However, some institutions have the communication aspect in order, but would like to measure how successful their move to fully online learning has been during this period, and are wondering if this can be done. The answer is yes: with EesySoft Campaigns, and here is how you can do it!

Using EesySoft Reporting Campaigns

There are a multitude of ways to use an EesyCampaign. A reporting campaign is one that contains no tangible user support materials such as messages and articles, but rather it provides data visualized in reports, to show how things were before the situation (e.g. COVID-19) unfolded and how they look after. A campaign allows you to see what effects your intervention or EdTech tool has had over time and whether your supporting actions have altered user behavior in the intended manner.

A campaign can be created with as little as one tool added in the outcome, as these have been gathering data from the day they were activated. While this data is being collected over time, you can look back at historical impact points to visualize the changes in usage. Using our reporting tool, you can also add significant dates or events directly into your data, that will appear in the 'Events Overview' section of your report, so there is no need to reference a list elsewhere! 

Campaign Example: Collaborate Ultra Usage During COVID - 19

In the example below, you can see how Blackboard Collaborate Ultra usage has increased exponentially since the campus closed. You can also see how users continued to engage with the Collaborate tool during the spring break, and then a further increase at the start of the new semester.

Creating a reporting campaign like this is an easy and effective way to visualize this kind of data, and to see exactly how effective specific educational technologies, 3rd party tools, or actions implemented via your LMS have been in supporting your users!

EesySoft Reporting Campaign Image

The EesySoft Universe

EesySoft Universe Graphic

Do you need inspiration for the types of Campaigns your institution could be employing? Look no further! We have compiled EesySoft campaigns, messages and support article examples from EesyCustomers around the world (as well as examples created by our in-house specialists) to give you the EesySoft Universe

The Universe grants you access to examples and templates that you can easily implement at your own institution. Simply take the ready-made campaigns, amend them to suit your EdTech adoption goals, and implement them right away!

Check out the brand new EesySoft Universe by clicking the blue button below and get started!

Explore the Universe

Do you want to discover what kind of Campaigns are optimal for you? Talk to your CSM today and learn more about how EesySoft can help your institution. They are happy to chat! You can also always reach out to us at 😊.


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