Help Instructors Set Up Courses with Proactive Messaging

By Jonathan Appiah

Nassau Community College use EesyMessages to inform faculty at the beginning of the semester about any important steps they have to take to create courses in their LMS.

Use Case: Help Instructors Set Up Courses with Proactive Messaging

The beginning of the semester brings new challenges for instructors, instructional designers, and LMS admins. Instructors have to make sure students can access courses and materials on time to guarantee an optimal learning experience. During the academic year, it is imperative that institutions understand how they can help instructors provide the best courses and materials via Blackboard.

The solution 

Neil Francisco, Blackboard System Administrator at Nassau Community College in New York, wanted to tackle this challenge and help remind instructors of the steps that they must take at the start of the semester to prepare students for the new term (e.g. creating new courses, importing course materials and making them accessible, etc.). Neil decided to use EesySoft’s proactive pop-up messages to achieve this. EesyMessages can be sent according to specific roles in the Blackboard environment, communicating efficiently and keeping instructors and students up to date on how to use Blackboard as effectively as possible.

Using well placed EesyMessages, Nassau Community College was able to create a smooth transition back into Blackboard usage for instructors and students directly from within Blackboard, making sure everybody at their institution would have a nice start of the semester, with functioning courses and modules!

welcome back instructors - ncc blogpost 27 sept 19

How they did it:

1. Login to Blackboard and create a new Hint Message using the Inline Editor.

2. Set your context, proactive status, start date, and end date. Choose whether you want to collect user feedback (with thumbs up/thumbs down voting). 

3. Set the audience to INSTRUCTORS (CATEGORY).


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