Move Your Support Articles to a Support Dashboard and Make Them Available to Users.

By Jonathan Appiah

Regent University made their support articles available to users within the LMS using EesySoft's Support dashboard.

Use Case: Move Your Support Articles to a Support Dashboard and Make Them Available to Users.

As Blackboard tool adoption increases at an institution, finding ways to provide technical support to users becomes a priority. For institutions looking to provide user support to a growing user base without having to hire extra support staff, making support information from online libraries more accessible to users is a great place to start. Online libraries for support information and documentation are common among most institutions, but connecting users to this support information in a meaningful way is something that few institutions are currently able to accomplish. Facilitating ‘just-in-time’ learning is an integral part of providing effective technical support as by providing information at the time and place at which a user experiences a technical issue, support information can be utilised immediately, increasing the relevance and impact of the information provided.

The solution

Streamlining support procedures became a priority for John Williams, Learning Technology Manager at Regent University, as the number of online students increased at his institution. John decided to implement EesySofts Support Center for Blackboard to answer the most frequently asked questions from faculty and students. 

By moving support articles from an external website into EesySoft’s Support Center, these support articles became available from within Blackboard at the click of a button. As a result, Regent University was able to decrease the call volume to their help-desk, deflecting help-desk calls by enabling users to troubleshoot their own support requests.


Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 11.31.14


How they did it:

1. Login to Blackboard and create a Support Article using the using the Inline Editor.
2. Copy the title and information from your existing knowledge base to the support article. 
3. Set your start date and end date for the availability of the Support Article. 
4. Set the audience to PUBLIC (Category). 




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