New Feature Friday: Content Stats & Setting Outcomes in Campaigns

By Monica Dancel

It's Friday the 7th of December 2018 and this is the latest from EesySoft!

7 December feature friday

Just when you thought we were done with Campaigns!

To make campaigns more robust and outcomes-driven, you can now set specific goals for both Tool Adoption and Content Engagement. This way, you can easily see if your efforts are helping you hit your targets. In addition, you can now see the Support Reports for the help items that are part of a campaign within the campaign itself.

NFF 7 Dec 2018 - set up outcomes step 3

Set Your Goals

When creating a new campaign, there is now a step (shown above) that allows you to set goals for the adoption level of the selected tool(s) as well as the content engagement for the help item(s) related to the campaign. These numbers represent percentages of adoption or engagement respectively, and are visually indicated in the campaign window (shown below) under Outcomes.  At a glance, you can see the immediate impact of your efforts measured against your targets. 

NFF 7 Dec 2018 - outcomes to USE

Proactive Message & KB Reports now in Campaigns

When you click on View More under Campaign Engagement, you will now see the Proactive Support and Knowledge Base graphs for the help items that are associated with your campaign. The filters at the top apply to both graphs.

When you click on View More under Tool Adoption, you will see the Tool Adoption graph associated with your campaign as you did before. 

NFF 7 Dec 2018 - camp engage USE

NFF 7 dec 2018 KB USE

We hope these new campaign features are helpful in providing a clearer picture of  the impact your communication and training efforts have on LMS adoption. But wait...There is more to come with campaigns soon, so please stay tuned!

California Dreaming 


Last week, we were in Monterey, California attending the Directors of Educational Technology/California Higher Education (DET/CHE) annual conference. Thank you to Nancy Cutler from Santa Clara University for helping host another amazing event! We loved seeing our friends from San Diego State University and California State University, Chico as well and are definitely excited for the future collaborations that may come from this great conference.

Last but not least:  It's Award Season

There are so many of you using our solutions in such awesome and  innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning that it's high time we recognize you! Move over Academy Awards because EesySoft's first ever Online Award Ceremony is coming soon! So keep your eyes peeled - you may see your name in lights. :)

Have a great weekend!

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