Is Your Institution Ready for a Fully Online End of Term?

By Mieke Ridderhof

Now that the initial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have been addressed by most institutions, it is time to look forward to what lies ahead. The next big challenge will be successfully completing a fully online end of term. For many institutions, it will be the first time ending a semester with campuses (partially) closed, and naturally this may present a number of issues. Find out how EesySoft can help your institution adequately prepare and set itself up for a problem-free end of term.  

Challenges to Overcome

Given the speed at which many institutions have had to transition to fully online learning in recent weeks, it is likely that some students and staff are still unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of their learning management systems. This becomes a more pressing issue as deadlines start to approach. It is important that schools start thinking as soon as possible about how they will orchestrate the end of term necessities: things like timely grading, briefing teaching assistants, facilitating submission processes, communicating deadlines, and so on. But what is the best way to go about that preparation?

EesySoft is Here to Help

EesySoft has pre-made end of term campaigns that your institution can use to set themselves up for success. These campaigns allow you to take a variety of actions to facilitate a smooth end of term. 

✅ Use LMS adoption reports to identify which of your students are not prepared for the end of the semester. 

It is likely that some students will be unaware of instructions, unfamiliar with the LMS, or simply forgetting to upload things as deadlines approach. Make sure to prevent these situations by communicating proactively within the LMS!

✅ Include user and task-specific training messages or videos to ensure all end of term tasks are completed.

For example, inform students about the process for submitting final assignments, explain grading overviews to teaching assistants, or give clear grade submission instructions to teachers. 

Grading in Blackboard Instructor Message

✅ Communicate essential end-of-term tasks with in-application checklists and messages

Nothing says "I've done all I need to do" more than a completed checklist! Let your users know when all their tasks for a course have been completed and avoid confusion.

End of Term Checklist Message

Support your users who are unfamiliar with online end of term workflows

Some users will inevitably be less tech savvy than others and therefore unfamiliar with setting up workflows. Whether these are for grading, assignments, collaborating, or something else, make sure these users get the support they need.

Improve Assignment Workflows Canvas Messasge

The End is Near, But Have No Fear!

Although challenging in a number of ways, an end of term in a fully digital learning environment does not have to guarantee headaches and hurdles for your institution. Learn more about how EesySoft can help your institution prepare by clicking the orange button below, or feel free to reach out to us at 😊.

EesySoft COVID-19 Campaign Information

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