How to keep up with all the LMS releases when you have no time?

By Leen Van Kaam

As Learning Management System vendors move more toward SaaS and continuous delivery models - where updates, new features, and tools are released monthly - instructors and students can struggle to keep up!

Here is an example of all the new features Canvas and Blackboard have released in just the last 3 months:



And this list doesn’t even include all the optional new features!


Low Feature Adoption

It’s no surprise that unless an instructor dives into the release notes of Canvas or Blackboard on a monthly basis, over time adoption of these new features could be rather low. So how do you, as an LMS admin or LMS key-user, stay informed on changes and updates? Not to mention, how will you keep up with helping instructors and students learn about these updates?

The old way:

Emails, calls, meetings… a tremendous amount of effort from the LMS admin or key user is required for this.

So what's the new way?


Use EesySoft to keep everyone up-to-date, automatically!

This month, we released a feature we call CaaS or content as a service. With CaaS, you can enable automatic proactive messages to show to your end users - like the following example for the rubrics additional comments field in Speedgrader (Canvas):


Release Info in the Support Center

In addition, the Support Center has all the needed release information. Learn more about the support center here.








New Release Notifications

The LMS admin will be informed about the new features and functionality through a proactive message after each new release.







The Outcome

With little effort, your LMS admin will be informed of the newest features and in turn can easily relay this information to students and faculty.

The administrator will also get real-time insights about the adoption of the new features and end-user engagement with the information.



Why is this important?

Providing information on new features and updates helps students and instructors to understand what has changed and how to use it. No surprises and no diving into LMS help pages. The LMS help information is brought to them and presented where it is relevant, lowering the threshold for adoption. Thus, adoption of new features will happen naturally and at a faster rate.


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