How Saxion University is Using EesySoft to Respond to COVID-19

By Mieke Ridderhof

One of the first ever EesyCustomers, Saxion University has been using EesySoft since early 2011! They initially got on board because they found themselves explaining new LMS functionalities over and over to users, despite efforts to pre-emptively inform them. They decided they needed a more efficient way to communicate with their users, and EesySoft was going to facilitate that communication. 

Over the past nine years, Saxion has used EesySoft's content management system to create different kinds of messages for their users. Using hints, pop-ups, or systrays, they are able to pro-actively support their users within Blackboard. End users also have access to out-of-the-box help articles and video's, saving their ICT & Education team a significant amount of time.

“The biggest advantage that EesySoft offers is the ability to provide support automatically. We don’t lose any time working on it.”

- Ruud Koopmans, Functional Application Manager at Saxion University

Now we find ourselves in a confusing and chaotic period where institutions are grappling with how to best communicate with their students. How is Saxion dealing with moving courses online, and keeping students and staff up-to-date along the way? They are utilising EesySoft to tackle the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. Saxion have set up personalised EesyMessages with information about courses moving online. These messages link students to the support center where they can find answers to common issues as their classes migrate online. As a result, the number of incoming support requests for the ICT team are significantly reduced! 

A personalised EesyMessage sent to students regarding their online courses, which guides them to the support center:Saxion Personalised EesyMessageOnce students reach the support center they can click through a clear overview of resources and answers for most of the questions they might have:

Saxion Support Centre EesySoft

Having placed EesyMessages in their LMS environment, the next logical question is whether these are having the desired effect. Saxion is able to use EesyReports in order to present departments with information about the adoption and use of Blackboard in more detail. In other words, they can visualise whether their COVID-19 Campaign is effective, and easily relay or present that information within their institution. Perfect for making informed, strategic decisions going forward in an otherwise uncertain time.

“The outcome of these reports can be used by upper management to offer a guide for the direction that Saxion should take ... and thereby enrich the learning process.”

- Ruud Koopmans, Functional Application Manager at Saxion University

Saxion University has been using EesySoft for years to improve their learning experience, and now they are using it to take on new challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. Are you interested in hearing more about how EesySoft can help your institution do the same? Click on the orange button below!

EesySoft COVID-19 Campaign Information

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P.S. Feel free to check out the Saxion Case Study and learn more about how Saxion University has used EesySoft at their institution!

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