How to Get Faculty on Board With New Technology? Find Your Champion Users

By Jonathan Appiah

Faculty on boarding is critical to achieving full technology adoption. By identifying your champion users this process can be optimized.

How to Get Faculty on Board With New Technology? Find Your Champion Users

Faculty members face numerous  barriers and roadblocks on the path to the adoption of new technology. From training to support, the successful adoption of new tools by faculty will be determined by the institution's approach to on boarding

As institutions face the challenge of getting faculty on board with the adoption of new technology, many institutions are looking for new ways to train faculty members in the use of e-learning tools. A practice that has emerged as one of the most effective ways to get faculty members to adopt new learning technology is the identification and empowerment of champion users. 


What is a champion user?

Champion User PodiumChampion users are individuals who are actively engaged in using technology often and consistently. In institutions, these champions are faculty members who are adopting and utilising new learning technology to achieve improvements in learning outcomes. 

These champion users can be instrumental in facilitating faculty adoption of new learning technology by acting as peer references for the positive learning outcomes that can be achieved by utilising new tools, as well as being prime candidates for mentor programs and faculty-led workshops. 

Training from peers in the form of technical assistance or recommendations act as a key factor affecting the decision to adopt new technology. Fellow faculty members are trusted sources of information that are able to show, through experience, the process steps for using a tool, and can provide tips and tricks that will prevent faculty from running into support issues or roadblocks in the use of new tools.

How can I identify my champion users?

Using EesySoft’s Champion Reports, you will be able to quickly identify who your champion users are. Champion Reports will monitor individual usage of LMS and 3rd party tools to give you a definitive list of the most active users.

Champion User report



EesySoft makes it "eesy" to measure usage data on segmented user groups. Using EesySoft's Tool Adoption Reports you can access real-time usage data that is fully customisable. Allowing you to monitor usage for key segments of your user base.

Tool Adoption Report


Share your success stories

Using Champion Reports you can identify who is most actively using specific LMS tools. To get a better understanding of what makes a user so active, and whether this activity is translating to a greater learning experience, try gaining context on tool usage through interviews and feedback from students. This feedback can be shared with other faculty members as case studies or best practices and can highlight those faculty members who are achieving both high levels of LMS activity and high quality courses. 


Celebrate your champion users!

Champion User Leaderboard

Malayan Colleges Mindanao used their Champion Reports to identify and celebrate their champion users! MCM placed a leaderboard on their website showing who the most active LMS users are based on Champion Report ratings. Leaderboards are a great way to highlight champion users to faculty members who are seeking support in the utilisation of LMS tools. 

Thanks Abi Angelia for sharing this interesting use for Champion Reports!







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