#EesyAwards 2018

By Monica Dancel

In December, we launched our very first customer award ceremony - the #EesyAwards! We have seen that with more universities and private institutions using our solutions to measure LMS usage, drive tool adoption or improve LMS support, more interesting and innovative use cases appear. We are extremely thankful for the efforts of our users so we decided to recognize them for their ongoing support, innovative ideas and for simply making great use of the solutions we offer.


So here they are: The EesyAward winners for 2018! We hope that their efforts will inspire you to take your LMS usage to the next level as well.


Overall Superstar Customer Award

Schelly Gardner from Southern Cross University

Schelly has become an absolute EesyExpert! As one of our first power users, Schelly has helped us improve our solutions significantly and now runs the EesySoft ANZ Community. Thanks again Schelly!


New Feature Fanatic Award

Schelly Gardner from Southern Cross University

SCU in the lead! This award is specifically for the most awesome feature requests of the year on Receptive, and from their in depth knowledge of our solutions, Schelly and SCU have been able to give us incredible feature ideas this year!

Do you have a feature idea of you own? We would love to hear it! Just use the following link to add your idea on Receptive or email us directly at


Queen and King of Quotes

This award goes to those that have given us the most amazing feedback this year.

Abigail Joy Angelia from Malayan Colleges Mindanao

MCM has been using EesyAdoption and getting really impressive results! At Blackboard TLC Asia 2018, Abigail presented on how EesySoft tools have supported Mapua’s newest school in taking a clear direction to catapult usage of the LMS from the get-go. Thanks for all your great quotes!

Brian Larkin from Santa Clara University

As one of our first customers on Canvas, Santa Clara University has learned firsthand how EesySoft can help optimize LMS usage. We recently interviewed the team from Santa Clara to hear what they had to say about using EesySoft. Read the full story here: Optimizing Canvas at Santa Clara University


Presentation Masters Award

Many customers have presented with us or about us at conferences like BbWorld, Bb TLC, and Instructurecarn. But this award goes to the presentation master that really stood out in 2018...

Eric A. Silva from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Eric is a Learning Technologies influencer on the rise and did a rock star presentation with us at BbWorld 2018 in Orlando. Eric demonstrated how he used #EesySupport to integrate our 24/7 All-in-One Support Center in Blackboard. Want to know how? You can find his full presentation here.

Best Newcomer Award

We grew this year. A lot. And while every new institution that joins the EesySoft family brings unique ideas to the table, this award is for the new customer in 2018 that really left their mark.

Bobbi Bain, Ruth Ruggles, & Rachel Bungo from Kent State University

Bobbi, Ruth & Rachel (aka the 3 R's :) from Kent State have only been using EesySoft for a short while, but in that short time they have given us great feedback and have really made full use of our solutions.


Radical Recommend-er Award

When our customers recommend us to other institutions, it makes us happy! So this award is for those customers that have really spread the word about EesySoft.

Sid Beitler from Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach State has been a long standing EesySoft customer and Sid has been supportive since the very start. With the help of EesySoft, Sid is able to support 40,000 students with just 1 support specialist. Read the full user story here.


Most Innovative Use of EesySoft 

Alisa Kadenic-Newman from Community College System of New Hampshire

Even though CCSNH has been using EesySoft for quite some time now, when the decision was made to move from Blackboard to Canvas, Alisa leveraged the data she got from EesySoft to make their migration, well, eesier! She told us her amazing story which inspired us to create a new solution, specifically for LMS migration (see EesyMigration). Want to see the full migration timeline? Check out the case study here.


EesyReporter Award

Tom Hey and Alex Pritchard at Leeds Beckett University

Tom and Alex took EesyReports to a new level at Leeds Beckett. They identified commonly problematic pages and reduced their number of support requests. Additionally, they found champion user data to share the methodology of power users with everyone else. Want to know more? Check out their case study here!



EesyMessager Award 

Tammy Robinson & Jarrod Hiles from the University of Newcastle

When it comes to EesyMessages, there is a direct correlation between a clean design with clearly written content and positive feedback from users. Tammy and Jarrod from the University of Newcastle have gone out of their way to customize their EesyMessages and add supportive multimedia into them.


EesySupporter Award

Brian Irwin from Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam, with Brian at the lead, has made the most highly customized EesySupport center we have seen to date! Complete with a full range of personalized, institution specific help items and brand colors, the EesySupport center at SHU is amazing!

Here is the great looking help center from SHU:

image (2)


Check your mail... 

To all the winners, keep an eye on your mailbox - the physical one! There just might be something special coming your way...

To all of our customers and award nominees, thank you for using EesySoft to its fullest and we hope you win next year!


Not an EesySoft customer, but want to learn more about our solutions? Visit us at 

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