Det/Che 2018 - The Highlights

By Mieke Ridderhof

 Mieke Post is the sales and marketing manager at EesySoft. She helps institutions all over the world measure LMS usage, increase tool adoption and lower support costs. This year was her second time visiting the DET/CHE conference while representing EesySoft - here are her post-conference thoughts:

What is the DET/CHE conference?

DET/CHE is a dynamic organization committed to providing professional growth for its membership in California. Since its beginning in 1985, DET/CHE has emerged as a major force in bringing together academic technology leaders from California’s public and private colleges and universities.

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3 things we learned at DET/CHE

 1. The future of education is online.
"More and more of education is done online, via an LMS but also via communities, with this come challenges to which the DET/CHE community provides innovative ideas." - Mieke Post
2. Sharing is important
"Sharing between universities and colleges helps the entire community and in the end the students to be more effective with their learning. Also just to get to know each other in the group, there is such a nice group atmosphere!" - Mieke Post
3. The vendor in the room concept is really good

"We go to a number of tradeshows a year and I have to say that DET/CHE is definitely one of my favorites! The setting with vendors around the room instead of outside is something I really love, and additionally it allows me to learn more, just by listening in on the sessions and just like last year, I really liked them!" - Mieke Post


Funniest Moment at DET/CHE

Carpet social
The carpet at the DET/CHE conference has a personality of its own! Check out the #DETCHEcarpet on twitter! No one knows who is running this account, how funny is that!? We did get some nice compliments on our shoes, thanks for that! :D


All in all we had a blast at DET/CHE this year, check out the video below:

DETCHE18 look back


Looking forward to next year!


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