Bringing a University Perspective: Meet the Newest EesySofter

By Mieke Ridderhof

We are very excited to announce the latest addition to the EesySoft team who brings a background in higher education combined with vast experience in LMS implementation from an institutional point of view. Meet Anna Hollyoak Helleberg!

So...who is Anna and how will she be able to help institutions that use EesySoft?


What makes you excited about working for EesySoft?

I see great potential in the solutions and know that a lot of institutions struggle with exactly the things that EesySoft helps with, such as increasing LMS technology adoption and supporting users in their entire online learning journey. I see an opportunity to help higher education institutions achieve a much better and smoother use of technology in teaching practice.

It is a great motivator for me to help people and institutions translate technology solutions into educational value. I enjoy working with multiple stakeholders and ensuring everything makes sense - to students and faculty to those higher up in the institution.


I also like designing processes for institutions that add maximum value and pointing out possibilities to make educational practice even more efficient. I have a well-developed "helping gene" and being able to use that with the combination of technology and educational practice makes me very happy!

In addition, I look forward to working with the EesySoft team as they are so embracing, professional and agile which is an additional benefit to me, as we are not only colleagues but also engaged in each others' personalities.


When did you first get introduced to EesySoft?

That was in 2016 during our first pilot at Aarhus University in the Engineering department. We were trying to see what EesySoft could do for Aarhus, to see if we could send out tips and tricks with EesySoft, take a more systematic approach and get more insight into our LMS usage.


What is the biggest change you’ve seen from 2016 to now with regards to EesySoft?

While there have been a lot changes in the system, like the development of the new Inline Editor, the biggest change for me is that I can see more of the applicability of EesySoft within teaching practice. I can see what strategic goals EesySoft can help Aarhus University reach, like reaching certain adoption levels or course formats (blended). With the addition of the Enhanced Reports, we can realize our goals even further and take action on them.

It's not only about the data but adding value from an institution perspective. Because what is the data saying? It allows for a shift from more technical specs and inline messaging as something in itself to being aligned into a view of where we are going as an educational institution.


Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 3.56.41 PM


What would you say you bring to the EesySoft team?

I don’t see things as problems but as challenges to which we can find the solution as we work together with customers to get it resolved and enhance their experience with EesySoft. I add an educational perspective and am focused on understanding what an institution wants to achieve. I also have the experience of being on the other side and working in a higher education institution that uses EesySoft. However, I am keeping in mind that I do not know each university's practice and those new and different perspectives is what I'm looking forward to learning with customers. I want to investigate with customers to find out what their practice is, what goals they want to reach and how can we help them get there.

I also bring a pedagogical background in educational psychology with a focus on university teaching. I have been part of an LMS implementation process as a project manager; with that, I can say that I have had my legs deeply planted in EdTech and I want to help institutions by sharing my knowledge and applying that to EesySoft solutions.

People will quickly learn that I am a positive and friendly chatterbox who looks forward to building professional relationships!


What do you look most forward to during your first 6 months at EesySoft?

Expanding my network, seeing more of the really good practices where EesySoft adds value, and supporting institutions in attaining their goals. I'm looking forward to helping, being a resource, and sharing best practices.

I also look forward to working in a vibrant environment where I am received with open arms and where I have the option to think and act on ideas that are relevant. Having an agile approach where you can come up with an idea, bounce it off someone else, present it and see if it’s possible - working in an environment where this is the norm is such an exciting thing!

Sometimes we describe higher educational institutions as being a big container ship where it can be very difficult to change direction. But EesySoft is the opposite – it's a little speedboat where you can move very fast and can change course when needed.

I'm excited to be holding onto the speedboat instead of waiting around on the container ship! 


Welcome to the EesySquad, Anna!

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