Benefits Of Migrating to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience Using EesySoft

By Dan Peters

In 2020, the online teaching and learning experience has taken on greater importance than ever. For Blackboard customers, upgrading to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience provides a simpler, more consistent, and more intuitive user experience for students and instructors alike. However, many institutions are already strapped for time and resources in the wake of Covid-19, and face further uncertainty in the coming academic terms. 

EesySoft’s EdTech Adoption Platform helps guide institutions through the entire migration process. Although every migration has its challenges, EesySoft helps minimize any disruptions to your institution’s teaching and learning experience. The following are examples of the tools EesySoft provides you with along the five phases of migration, and how these can aid you in your move to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience.

5 Phases of Migration GraphicPhase 1: Decision to migrate.

Some institutions will be further along this path, but it is easy to start using EesySoft no matter where you are along the migration timeline. Initially, all users will still be in the Learn Original Experience. In this phase, institutions begin planning by using EesySoft reports on the usage of tools that will change considerably or be unavailable in the Learn Ultra Experience. Knowing exactly where the most course conversion challenges will help institutions plan where to allocate their resources.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 10.12.56 AM

Phase 2: Prepare users for transition.

EesySoft provides out-of-the-box campaigns and messages which can be easily customized along with course-level reports to inform instructors about upcoming changes and the best strategies to take advantage of migrating to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience. 

Activity Stream Bb Ultra MessageEmail and Courses in Ultra MessagePhase 3: Ultra Base Nav or more + EesySoft

The Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience is enabled for all users through Ultra Base Navigation. Courses may still remain in the Learn Original Experience.

In addition to customizable campaigns with associated messages, help articles, and videos to ease onboarding of students and instructors into the Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View,  EesySoft provides reports enabling institutions to see the immediate increases in student usage of important engagement tools. These tools include grades, messages, and course updates which the simplified global navigation (available in the Learn Ultra Experience) provides. Importantly, students enjoy these benefits even while remaining enrolled in courses using the Learn Original Experience. Additionally, the EesySoft Support Center contains help items specifically for institutions using Dual Courses.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 10.15.23 AM

Phase 4: Move users to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View. 

EesySoft provides customizable campaigns, including student and instructor focused messages, help articles, and videos. These cover all facets of the migration,  including exiting the Blackboard Learn Original Experience, starting with Ultra Base Navigation, entering the Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View, as well entering the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience.  

Activity Stream Message in Ultra

Phase 5: Migration Complete!

The native Blackboard Support icon directs users to the in-app EesySoft Support Center, providing them with contextual help items and support articles.

Support Center in Blackboard Ultra

Use EesyCampaigns to bring all your content, events and activity monitors into one place to keep track of adoption projects.

EesyCampaign Overview

Create reports on tool usage and support usage and promote the adoption of features and tools available in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, to ensure nobody gets left behind!

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