An EesySoft Campaign For Every Season

By Annelise Ewing Goodman

EesySoft has an amazing group of customers all around the world. And with a worldwide audience, comes a plethora of different academic schedules. No matter what your calendar needs are, EesySoft has messaging and campaigns to make your life a little ‘eesier’. Check out what our EesySoft Universe has to offer. 


Some institutions are finding themselves in the middle of the semester. For many schools, this means an increased focus on examinations. Check out these Universe examples to help your students and faculty prepare for examination periods. The article highlights some of the great ways our customers have been using EesySoft to aid in their midterm and end-of-semester exams. 


Spring Break/Wellness Weeks

Many of our North American customers are looking towards a spring break or an increase in wellness days. Remind students and faculty to engage in healthy practices with these campaign messages, to  👇help curb the spread of COVID.



End of Course

COVID not only changed the way classes are taught but the length as well. These Universe campaigns demonstrate how EesySoft can help your institution wrap up accelerated courses.


These campaigns aid institutions looking for a little extra help wrapping up their courses and gearing up for a new term!   


Start of Term/New Courses

For many of our customers in the southern hemisphere, new courses are just beginning. Let us help you get the term started on the right foot with these messages.


This article highlights the available campaigns to fit your campus needs for students and faculty alike!


Have a great idea for a campaign? We want to hear about it! Submit your ideas to the Universe or talk to your customer success manager to spread your ideas to our global customer base! 


Dr. Annelise Ewing Goodman is a Customer Success Manager at EesySoft. Annelise has a Bachelors and Masters of Science Degree in Communication studies and a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration. She has worked in higher education as an instructor and an administrator.

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