2019: A Year in Review

By Michel Visser

Let's take a look back at the highlights from EesySoft in 2019 and find out what's in store for the new year!

2019: A year in review

I want to thank my colleagues, our ed-tech partners, and customers for a fantastic 2019. For EesySoft, it has been the year of accelerated growth. We started this year with 17 employees and at the start of 2020, our headcount will be 27. The 2 main drivers for this expansion were:

  1. Fast-growing global customer base
  2. Increase R&D capacity

A growing customer base

This year, over 35 new institutions joined the EesySoft family - 63% from the United States and the rest divided over Europe, APAC and the Middle East. A large part of these new customers came through the re-seller agreement we signed with Blackboard. And that, on top of our already existing customer base with institutions worldwide who are using our solutions in so many different ways, this has made for a very interesting 2019 for us at EesySoft and makes us even more excited about 2020.

New customer collage

Increased R&D capacity

To grow our R&D capacity, we opened a new development office in Poland that specializes in front-end development. The Polish team is now fully integrated and, together with the colleagues in Norway, they are working hard on the development of the next-gen EdTech Adoption Platform. The first step was to make all core functionality available on the web in a more user-friendly design. Our UX design team is now working to re-imagine our Campaign features and the Support Center from the ground up for a more powerful, flexible and intuitive experience.

Looking forward

During 2020, we will reveal the future of EesySoft. With a completely re-designed user experience and the addition of some really powerful features, we will continue to help institutions drive digital transformation. We are extremely excited about what is coming up, and whenever we can, we will provide you with information as we always highly value your feedback and include it in our development of the EesySoft EdTech Adoption Platform.

Looking forward to working together with you all again in 2020!

Happy Holidays,

Michel Visser

Co-founder / CEO


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