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By Mieke Post On August 13, 2019

#BbWorld19 - The Highlights

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We are very excited to announce the latest addition to the EesySoft team who brings a background in higher education combined...

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What is the #BbTLCREUR?

The Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference Europe is an annual 3-day educational technology event...

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Investment in learning analytics solutions continues to increase, with the goal to improve student success & retention - but...

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What is the #BbTLCRMEA?

The Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference RMEA is a first ever organized 3-day event in Dubai...

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As Learning Management System vendors move more toward SaaS and continuous delivery models - where updates, new features, and...

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The Number 1 Issue in Teaching and Learning

Last week EDUCAUSE shared the results of their annual ELI survey, identifying the...

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By Monica Dancel On February 5, 2019

#EesyAwards 2018

In December, we launched our very first customer award ceremony - the #EesyAwards! We have seen that with more universities...

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The beginning of a new semester is often a time of both excitement and anxiety for both students and faculty members. Here are...

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